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All GAPWORX services are customized to fit
your unique needs and circumstances.

GAPWORX Playbooks

… are scaled to fit each company. Some reflect a smaller company's entrepreneurial needs. Others are larger, with more customization.

… visually illustrate mental maps of company processes and the "customer-centric" resposibilities - "the plays" employees need to consistently execute.

… are simple, so that "the plays" are repeatable, so that individual and team performance are improved.

… build employee competencies in SELLING and SERVING, with "the plays". We train-the-trainer, and provide scenario-based and role-playing training that transfers greater long-term improvement in capabilities. ATTRACT and RETAIN customers.

Customer Building Blocks

Current Assets

In business, PLAYBOOKS are a collection of tangible and intangible assets, of practices, mental maps, tools, and learned capabilities that shape specific employee activities - the plays.

The Soft Side IMPACTS Hard Side Results.

When all of the plays are accomplished well by your employees - in all roles and responsibilities - the company is successful.

Plainly said … EVERYBODY is selling and serving their customers well.

GAPWORX Playbooks improve SELLING and CUSTOMER SERVICE capabilities. Let's build one together.

Additional Services

Customized and Scaled.
Project Based or Fractional Services.

Beyond the creation of Customer Building Playbooks, I help clients to improve business growth and company financial performance.

Aligning leadership and employees to a shared company vision.
A simple Visioning Exercise gives a voice to key employees and stakeholders, accelerating a Roadmap to your company's Desired Future State. Leverage the power of everyone pulling in the same direction.

Supporting leadership with insights, options, and strategic planning services.
I keep it conversational and simple. Sometimes the challenge is obvious; sometimes it isn't. Next steps discern the causes, solutions, priorities and how to implement. Outside perspectives provide options.

Helping organizations bridge gaps in expertise.
For various reasons, there can be a sudden void in a key general management or sales management role.
Maybe I can help on a fractional basis.

Helping younger talent accelerate their performance.
Whether its a new hire or talent that needs to step up to new responsibilities.
Maybe I can help on a fractional and interim basis.

Improvement Can Occur Fast

GAPWORX can help you to rapidly spark new business growth and improve financial metrics by helping your employees to ATTRACT and RETAIN more customers. First conversations are free and typically identify cost-effective pathways to implement increases in company performance measures.

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