Improve Construction Project Values

Many community associations—condominiums, townhouses, and cooperatives—are big businesses. Managed by volunteer boards, Professional Community Association Management firms are typically hired to optimize services and oversee construction projects in the community.

When the projects are more complex, or when management team oversight time or expertise are limited, we help with …

  • Project Investigation (fully defining the problem)
  • Project Initiation (writing SOW and RFPs, assessing proposals)
  • Project Performance (kickoff, inspections, closeout)

Our key goals are to:

  • Keep Stakeholders Well-informed
  • Generate Net Project Savings
  • Optimize Project Service Life.


More Than Project “Coordination”

A long list of general maintenance and construction projects in community associations are routinely coordinated by the management team and successfully accomplished by trusted vendors.

Other projects are more complex and require more than project “coordination.”

They require proactive project management.

To optimize success in “complex projects,” we offer on-call, custom-tailored project management services in an ala carte menu.

Select only a few services needed or a more comprehensive set of project management services.

We “quarterback” a little or the total project.

Questions and Answers


When should we hire GAPWORX?


Here are the BIG THREE reasons—a blend of complexity, cost, expertise, and time.

  1. INVESTIGATION. An inadequately investigated project can start on questionable assumptions.
  2. DESCRIPTION. A loosely defined project might result in excessive costs or miss fixing key problem details.
  3. INSPECTION. An infrequently inspected project might leave the problem unresolved, with poor service life and more cost to the community.

How do you provide project management services?


A “no cost” exploratory meeting usually determines if and how we can bring value. We may suggest that further investigation is warranted. If hired, we support the management team’s efforts and coordinate with vendors and other professionals.


How do you charge?


Our fees are based upon an ala carte Menu of Services, customized to fit small and large projects. A Fixed Fee Proposal is provided if investigation services are needed and a second Fixed Fee Proposal if additional services are required. We keep it simple.

Calculate Project Cost Based Upon Service Life … Not Just First Cost


Improve Project Outcomes

Infrastructure “problems” need to be resolved.
We help get the “right solution” identified and accomplished.
We help prevent the way-too-soon “fix the fix” project.

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