Broken Processes

We frequently hear from business owners that are “disappointed” in the performance of an individual, team or department. Sometimes their disappointment is warranted, but sometimes the shortfall in performance can be more accurately attributed to the lack of or broken business processes. In addition, we hear frustration and anxiety on how best to resolve the disappointment.

Frequently the root cause of the disappointment – the lack of expected or desired performance – can be significantly attributed to:

  1. A dysfunctional process,
  2. The complete lack of a specific process,
  3. The failure of employees to adhere to a well-established process, and/or
  4. The absence of training or “perfect practice” to an effective process.

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The Company Customer Gap

Author Michael Hinshaw in Smart Customers, Stupid Companies says that companies extend a Brand Promise to their customers and then work to fulfill that promise, but often fall short on Promise Management.

He states that a company’s Brand Promise starts with the promises made to its employees, as employees are the means to deliver the promises made. Your employees can close the Company-Customer GAPS that exist in your business, can fulfill your company’s Brand Promise.

Do you have a Promise Management process? How are customer complaints managed? Are employees empowered to close Company-Customer GAPS?

What’s a Gap?

GAPS exist in businesses, hurting desired business performance. They are dysfunctions or the absence of a resource, skill, or capability. They can also be a process or procedure that restricts a desired outcome. Some GAPS are short-lived; others can be pervasive and greatly restrain business growth.

To eliminate or mitigate performance-robbing GAPS, be curious. Awareness can spur the quick resolution of a GAP constraining business growth. We can help you WORX on them … to bridge to a better tomorrow.