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The “plays”—selling and service best practices—are captured in a Playbook customized for your company.

Business leaders seek growth and profitability, and control of their sales and operational processes.

But rarely do the resources at their disposal offer their team what they need to suceed.

Playbooks improve control and predictability by simplifying processes and defining work habits to help employees understand how.

Beyond job-oriented capabilities, employees want clarity on how they contribute to building company success. That clarity generates:

• Understanding and repeatability,
• Effective customer-facing behaviors, and
• Integrated work activities that create pipeline predictability.

These attributes leverage more and more company success.

Playbooks Improve Growth, Profitability and Control

The “heavy lifting” is done. It’s affordable and happens fast.
We customize Playbooks to align to your company and market.

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Improving Financial Outcomes

SELLING and SERVING is about taking care of customers. It is accomplished with knowledge, capabilities, processes, and specific behaviors. Playbooks make your business outcomes more consistent and predictable.


Playbooks support all employees companywide, regardless of their seniority, experience level, or job description.

Playbooks are:
  • Custom-tailored. Some Playbooks reflect a smaller company’s entrepreneurial needs; others require more customization.
  • Visual Roadmaps. To accelerate comprehension, Playbooks are highly graphical roadmaps of company processes, best practices, and “customer-centric” responsibilities.
  • Simple. With true clarity on HOW to accomplish job responsibilities, individual and team performance are improved.
  • Training Toolboxes. We train-the-trainer and key personnel using scenario-based and role-playing that improves capabilities and performance outcomes for current and future employees.

Playbooks help your employees to ATTRACT and RETAIN more customers.

EVERYBODY sells and serves the customer … in some manner.


Improve Revenue and Profitability

PLAYBOOKS are NOT generic training manuals. They are customized roadmaps.

They are a collection of best practices, simple and therefore repeatable processes, “now I understand” roadmaps, and practical tools that shape specific employee activities—”the Plays.”

When “the Plays” are well-accomplished by ALL employees—in ALL roles and responsibilities inside the company—the company is successful. EVERYBODY is then Selling and Serving their customers.

Playbooks aren’t the typical training binder at a seminar that only a few employees attend and where 90 days later most content is forgotten. They aren’t generic training manuals applicable to all industries.

PLAYBOOKS frame a custom-tailored, companywide commitment to excellence, to optimize customer creation, customer engagement, customer care, and customer retention.

Playbooks make your business outcomes more consistent and predictable.

Playbooks improve SELLING and SERVING capabilities and your company’s financial metrics. Let’s build one together.

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