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We help clients WORK on Selling, Serving, and a company's Cultural GAPS, to improve customer-facing outcomes. We focus on a mix of process, capabilities, and behaviors.
We call it Customer Building.

Mark Spiers, Principal

Mark's proven business acumen is derived from multiple decades of diverse business experiences in construction, manufacturing and service industries - in for-profit and not-for profit environments, and in Fortune 1000 and smaller entrepreneurial business settings. He led teams focused in sales, marketing and operational activities; managed P&L in business units and subsidiary operations; and led board-level task forces and strategic growth in mid-management and senior leadership capacities. He also led record-setting revenue growth multiple times, and optimized high-levels of collaboration, communication and total company performance.

Mark is committed to helping client organizations overcome challenges and fast-track company-wide success.

Mark Spiers, Principal

OUR BACKGROUND. Working in small entrepreneurial companies and in large complex corporations, we have led whole companies, business units, and teams in sales, marketing, operations, and training activities. We have seen highly functional organizations ... and experienced seriously dysfunctional work environments. We have witnessed companies struggling with inefficiency, inadequate growth, and with excessive complexity in core activities. Over several decades of career experiences, we have enjoyed great success and seen the consequence of poor leadership choices.

OUR INSPIRATION. We had an epiphany a few years ago. Help executive teams and employees to understand how to SELL and SERVE their customers - regardless of their role and responsibility - by building processes and mental maps that are SIMPLE and REPEATABLE. Our processes, workflows, and structured approach was crafted on this belief.

WHO WE HELP. From small emerging companies to larger corporations, we bring specific functional expertise and industry experiences aligned to companies in the following B2B categories, including:

DIFFERENTIATION. All businesses are unique. Different products, services, vision, markets, and competition. Different leadership styles and cultural attributes. Different financial resources and employee capabilities. We customize and scale each engagement, helping clients differentiate and more consistently ATTAIN and RETAIN customers.

HOW WE HELP OUR CLIENTS. Changing strategy, employing new tactics, or improving company performance … it starts with conversations and collaboration. We have a proven and effective 3-step process - starting with AWARENESS, moving to ACTION, and finally ACHIEVEMENT.


We identify actionable options that become your ROADMAP to resolve specific challenges and accomplish business goals.

Solutions are carefully scaled to each company's needs, supported by coaching and scenario-based training. We use a collaborative and iterative process, and a train-the-trainer approach, to ensure long-term value is transferred. To greatly improve the transfer of capabilities to employees, we augment the typical text-driven and boring "training manual" with numerous graphic illustrations that enhance the understanding of the BEST STEPS required to achieve specific selling and serving activities - the plays.

Again, we build processes and mental maps that … are SIMPLE and REPEATABLE.

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