Shake Things Up

Shake Things Up

Are you a business owner finalizing plans for 2021?

Until COVID-19 is in the rear-view mirror, business planning must include improving safety in all shared work environments. It’s clear the virus is random, aggressively attacking some but not others. People can be “healthy” and symptom-free, yet infected and unknowingly infectious to others—to our family, co-workers, and clients, too. Taking precautions makes sense and minimizes risk.

Meanwhile, life goes on and business challenges and responsibilities remain. Our homes, the communities we live and engage in, and businesses require various products, services, repairs, and upgrades. Roofs leak, furnaces and water heaters fail, properties must be taken care of, products must be packed and shipped, and the services of countless businesses are still needed.

As we thankfully say GOODBYE to 2020 and look forward to brighter days in 2021, it’s time to finalize sales, marketing, and operational plans. Given the challenges of 2020, it’s tempting to plan in isolation of others and to just “double down” on what worked in the past. Instead, consider these questions in your planning process.

  • How can we find and serve our clients better?
  • Why do some clients buy our services, and others don’t?
  • What investments in the business and my employees will optimize growth opportunities?
  • What business processes, practices, and routines can be simplified or even eliminated?
  • How can we embrace innovation to enhance communication and improve client value?  

With these questions answered, growth and profitability will follow.

Also consider that collaboration and innovation are essential to optimize success in 2021. That might be accomplished inside your management team, by expanding the circle of input to include the participation of other employees, and/or with the insights of trusted advisors, business partners, and vendors elsewhere in the marketplace.

Shake things up. Ask questions. Listen more. It is surprising how often new feedback sparks business growth.  You will build more trust and productivity with employees—and more trust and profitability with clients.