Challenges, Collaboration & a Compliment

Challenges, Collaboration & a Compliment

2020 has been challenging for everyone, including businesses in every sector and type. Business-as-usual in the pandemic wasn’t possible; owners, managers, and employees in every role and responsibility had to adapt. This included a surge in video-style meetings, with many newly working at home. New health and safety protocols became a top priority for managers and employees, and in all interactions with customers and vendors.  

Innovation, open communication lines, and a strict adherence to a new set of COVID-19 safety-oriented best practices are now requisite, not optional. It is even more challenging as the definition of “best practices” continues to be a moving target. In businesses and communities alike, even as COVID-19 shows no signs of abatement, leaders work to tackle and conquer those challenges.

While there are many ways for businesses to innovate and overcome this deadly challenge, I suggest that enhanced business-to-business collaboration is a viable option to consider. Especially for smaller, service-oriented entrepreneurial businesses, delivering services in collaboration with aligned and like-minded firms can be an avenue to enhance success. It’s about making the “pipeline bigger for both.”

This type of collaboration requires robust communication and trust, but when both are present shared business goals can be achieved.

I can personally attest to this type of collaboration and extend a huge compliment a friend and colleague, Steve Quint with National Property Inspections. We have collaborated on a wide variety of project types, including a country club, restaurants, a historic hotel, a retail strip center, an office/warehouse complex, industrial/warehousing facilities, and a big box-style property.  More are pending. We are, indeed, collaborating with open lines of communication and a foundation of trust.

It is proving to be a successful—and fun—formula for continued business growth in these challenging times.


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