The WHAT and WHY of Your Brand

The WHAT and WHY of Your Brand

Please consider the applicability of Albert Einstein’s recognized genius beyond the worlds of theoretical physics and mathematics. Below is an  Einstein quotation relevant to business executives of all stripes.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Every business MUST effectively communicate its Customer Value Proposition (CVP) to employees, active clients, and prospective customers. I’ll break that down.

As businesses grow and the number of employees increase, the roles and responsibilities of employees become specialized, maybe even assigned to departments. Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Administration, and Operations are common departments. Each job description in these functional areas have specific skill requirements and activities. Most businesses are structured like this. It makes sense. We can’t excel in all business roles. Specialization enhances performance metrics.

Some types of businesses can readily label WHAT they do if asked. Examples include graphic artists, florists, printers, architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants, and many more that support maintenance and construction activities, such as roofers, painters, plumbers, and electricians. Other business types are more complicated to describe.

But those labels fall significantly short in describing WHY someone might want to do business with you.

The “why” is your Customer Value Proposition. It is assumed that business owners, senior management, and marketing and sales personnel can quickly answer the WHY, differentiating WHAT you do. Surprisingly, that is far from a certainty. And we strongly recommend that all employees companywide MUST be able to answer the why, the CVP.

The best CVP is simple. It is not complicated.

It must be so simple that it is instantly repeatable.

That is accomplished by first understanding your business, your market, and most importantly your target customers. With those understandings assembled, your brand message—your CVP—can be created. When it is clear and concise it is compelling. Then it can be shared companywide and trained to be stated anywhere by all employees, regardless each employee’s role and responsibility.

Everyone Sells and Serves. From the warehouse clerk and service technicians in the field, sales, and marketing executives, to everyone in an office role—everyone interacts directly or indirectly with prospects or active customers. All employees can contribute to selling and serving.

We can help you to quickly define your CVP. It will help you grow your business more.


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