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We work with business owners and executive teams to increase Awareness, move to Action and boost Achievement.

We help companies Create Effective Company Processes and Improve Employee Capabilities - so that they FIND and GET, KEEP and THRILL great customers. For additional information on GAPWORX see The GAPWORX Story.

Mark Spiers

Mark E. Spiers - Co-Founder, CEO

Mark's expertise is centered in marketing and sales, management and strategic planning. He is analytical, detail-driven, and process-oriented, and always seeking a practical solution to business problems. He has industry experiences in manufacturing and distribution, architecture, engineering, industrial services, commercial and residential construction and corporate services.

Jon Halleen

Jon S. Halleen - Co-Founder, President

Jon is educated in the behavioral sciences (multiple degrees in Sociology and Psychology), and after working in clinical settings he transitioned to a business track. He has decades of sales experience in financial and corporate services, and he is a skilled sales trainer, individual coach and group facilitator. Jon has specialized experience with training using customized sales scenarios and role play.

"For every organization needs performance in three major areas: It needs direct results; building of values and their reaffirmation; and building and developing people for tomorrow."

- Peter F. Drucker, The Effective Executive