GAPWORX Services
How We Deliver Services and Value

We help clients in many different industries, organizations, and company sizes.

All businesses want to create and keep more customers.

We create highly-customized Playbooks and train employees to improve performance.

The following GAPWORX services help you improve your Customer Building.

Awareness / Discovery

Executive Team Advisory
Executive Mentoring and Coaching
Group Facilitation and Coaching
Surveys and Qualitative Interviews
  Key Employees
  Key Customers
Cultural & Workforce Assessments
Visioning Exercises
Helping Owners Define Preferred State Company Attributes

Selling / Customer Creation

Highly-Customized – by Company, Industry, Size

SALES Playbooks
Optimized for SALES-ORIENTED Companies

CLIENT Development Playbooks

Serving / Customer Experiences

Highly-Customized – by Company, Industry, Size

CXX Playbooks
Helping All Employees Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations … Deliver Positive Customer Experiences

Real World Training

Highly-Customized Playbook Training

Scenario-based Role Playing
Coaching and Facilitation
  Functional Teams