So, What Do You Want to Change?

Just One ThingOccasionally, there is a memorable line in a movie that is seemingly applicable in many aspects of life. For me, it’s from the 1991 movie, City Slickers. In it Jack Palance’s character, Curly, and the balance of the cast, offer multiple lines that are remarkable, but Curly’s “Just One Thing” is my favorite.

Its relevance to both individual and organizational awareness and managing change is striking. As leadership awareness is enhanced and as a list of organizational “gaps” requiring attention surface, we believe it is important to do first things first. Maybe it isn’t explicitly “Just One Thing,” but don’t take on a long list all at once.

What is the single performance gap – if mitigated or resolved – that will most impact top and bottom line performance?

Every individual and every business has limited resources and capabilities. You can usually simultaneously take on a few small initiatives, but major initiatives demand more leadership focus. Improve sales performance. Improve company culture. Improve customer experience. Improve operational efficiency. Everything may need improvement, but pick one, make substantive progress, and then address another. Use outside resources to augment internal capabilities. Understand the organization’s investment and potential ROI.