Is The Status Quo Acceptable?

Almost without exception, business owners and executive teams would say an emphatic NO. Everyone is seeking greater levels of individual and organizational performance. Whatever type of organizational change or initiative you plan – be it a strategic or tactical initiative – there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

  1. Plan Collaboratively. This isn’t a solo endeavor.
  2. Set Priorities. Determine what “gaps” most need to be resolved.
  3. Assess Resources. Finances, time, expertise, and experience.
  4. Be Realistic. Use outside expertise to leverage ROI.
  5. Designate a Champion. Accountability drives achievement.
  6. Be Urgent. Change can happen fast. Don’t wait.
  7. Be Explicit. Set specific and measurable goals, with deadlines.
  8. Be Clear. Keep all employees informed.
  9. Set Expectations. Share realistic roles and responsibilities for everyone.
  10. Work Your Plan. Achieve goals. Reassess the status quo.

There is an eleventh thing to also consider; be flexible when appropriate. Change doesn’t happen in a controlled setting. External forces can constrain or provide opportunities to accelerate the initiative.

One last THING – be sure to celebrate achievement. It motivates the next change to be equally or more successful.