Mission, Vision, and Purpose defines every business, but that is only part of what makes each business unique. It might start with an idea or an inspiration about how to do something differently – better. It might start with “opportunity knocking on the door.”

Businesses combine Vision and Leadership, offering some blend of product and service value to customers. In the beginning, and even later when the business is well-established, the vision may be unclear. Maybe the market shifts with new competition. Maybe a key employee leaves and capabilities change. Maybe a new executive joins your team and sparks growth in ways not previously considered.

Business vision is important, and must be frequently revitalized. There are numerous ways to accomplish that, including peer groups, working with advisory boards, and educational events. Facilitated visioning exercises that bring internal and external stakeholders together can stimulate vision and clarity.

Leadership, through business owners and executive teams, can champion the company’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose.  Leadership not only charts the course, but sets company standards – building its culture, and consequently the company’s brand perception in the marketplace.

How is a true leader defined? Leadership attributes are varied, but every list will include accountability, honesty, confidence, commitment, a positive attitude, and effective communication. We think that is a great set of characteristics to emulate.

Good leadership should also provide a functioning structure in which the business can operate. A business without processes, procedures, and standardized practices is “winging it,” and that isn’t a winning strategy.

Especially as a business gets larger, it is critically important to refine and finetune how you SELL, how you RETAIN, and how you THRILL your customers. The more all employees are aligned – and how well each employee performs to their specific roles and responsibilities – the more the company will be successful.

I will close this post with a final thought on leadership. Leaders understand that … EVERYBODY SELLS and EVERYBODY SERVES. Leaders find the way to fill in the details.

GAPWORX would welcome an opportunity to discuss and share how we help companies strengthen business value, customer creation and retention, and ongoing topline performance.