80% of Companies Say They Deliver Superior Customer Service.  ONLY 8% DO!

A startling statistic from the Social Fresh 2016 Conference. GAPWORX has multiple tools to deal with this challenge.

The above statistic spurred us to make the following observations. Unless you frequently get customer feedback that affirms you are consistently delivering “Superior Customer Service,” the likelihood is that there is room for improvement in company processes, best practices and how employees communicate with each other and their customers.


  • Customer Surveys (seeking quantitative answers) are a basic means to get feedback. They can be invaluable, but they MUST to short and only sent infrequently. Surveys are so common today that response rates are extremely low.
  • Qualitative Interviews via a CX Audit process is more valuable, especially if the interviews are conducted by qualified third parties, that can “pull out” insights that customers feel safe in sharing.

SPECIAL NOTE: Qualitative inquiries by company employees generally are not perceived by customers as being safe. Many customers are hesitant to “complain” about specific issues or individuals they routinely work with, until it is too late.

CX Audits can offer affordable and quick ways to make your organization more responsive to customer needs and expectations. We can help you through the steps!