THE PEOPLE CORNER – What Are Your 2017 Business Resolutions?

Statistically speaking, by the time you read this post, most people have already fallen off their New Year Resolution bandwagons. Best laid plans for 2017 are set aside for another time.

Behavioral psychology helps us understand that reinforcements control our behaviors – in that a behavior is either strengthened or weakened by what happens following the behavior. These are the dynamisms that make up our habits. Motivational psychology enlightens us that human beings constantly pursue pleasure and power. Neuroscience indicates that much of our thinking is unconscious, in that we are not fully aware of what we do, and we certainly are not clear about why we do it.

Neuroscientists, by studying brain functioning, indicate that our trust in “free will” is largely philosophical. Adding to our dilemma, they believe that people behave primarily because of brain chemistry and electrical activity – and not because we are consciously choosing our way through life.

Here’s the deal. Most people, and myself included, cannot effectively function if we believe we are helpless creatures with no ability to make our lives the way we desire.

Individual behavior is in effect conditioned by many forces … social, physical, political, economic and the list goes on and on. When you put many individuals into a group such as a business, the interactive effects are exponential. When leaders of organizations decide” to make positive changes, the challenges and barriers to change are enormous.

At GAPWORX we advise that an important step to effective change is to increase the level of awareness. There is a relevant adage: ”You can’t change what you don’t know.” We named our company GAPWORX because in all of life there are gaps – realistically the differences between what is and what is wanted. We also believe that when people become more aware of their circumstances, they can more effectively work on their gaps. Companies that learn more about the variables interacting within their organizations can then make the necessary changes to actualize their desired futures.

For the small business, an inability to activate necessary changes can have very punitive consequences. Adapting to external market forces, and making more effective internal organizational changes, is critical to business survival. Companies that constantly strive to be fully functioning have a much better chance to achieve their goals.

It is difficult for any person or organization to become more aware without some form of outside objectivity. Awareness can be increased through what we call “constructive provocation.” By increasing awareness, every company can know more clearly what they want. Leadership driving effective action can enable every employee to make business goals and objectives happen.

GAPWORX is able to help your organization to realize positive changes in 2017.


THE PEOPLE CORNER – A Clearer Business Future

Ask entrepreneurs about the reasons they started their businesses, and more than likely it is about possibilities. Doing what excites them personally, making customers and building business relationships puts their imagination into action.

Business leaders need to understand the reasons why prospective customers will buy goods and services from them – and how their business is differentiated from the competition.

Business plans and strategy are fundamental, but specific cultural elements drive each enterprise to failure or success. In the final analysis, the daily actions of employees carrying out the vision of the company will tally the score. [LINK]

Entrepreneurs assume most of the risk to start a business, which makes their personal views of the possible future so critical. Just like eyesight clarifies the pitfalls of the road, leaders of businesses need foresight and information to develop the “human element” to make their businesses thrive.

At all times human beings are both rational and emotional. Business plans must make intellectual sense to employees, but the personal reasons for each employee to achieve the plans will make the difference for company success.

Children are notorious for asking “why” so they can develop a personal sense of the world. Employees of companies are the same. If they cannot “buy into” and act out the business plan – the business will stall. Disengaged employees do not serve customers well.

Entrepreneurs must avoid the pitfalls of over confidence, and being too self-reliant on their own ideas. It is difficult for any leader alone to do sufficient self-analysis and introspection to identify personal, business, and employee strengths and limitations. It is one thing to set the vision for the company, it is another thing to inspire employees to carry it out.

Objective outsiders can bring learning, facilitation and coaching to challenge assumptions, unchecked egos and limited thinking. Professional perspective can help everyone understand the business past, clarify the present, and plan for tomorrow.

Remember, there is always a GAP … the difference between the present and what the future could be.


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Whether your business goals and objectives have a short operational horizon, or a much longer strategic one, various measures of success and business growth occurs one step at a time. Before you know it, progress is epidemic within your company.

We can help you model and execute success – to achieve your desired future state.

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