Delivering Value

Business Trajectory

To provide value to customers, a business must adapt to market conditions and competition. Leaders improve their companies by building culture, processes, and employee capabilities.

This Customer-Facing model helps your organization improve Customer Creation (SELLING) and Customer Retention (SERVING).

It brings AWARENESS (Discovery), moves to ACTION (Roadmap), and then to ACHIEVEMENT (Progress). This raises your business trajectory.

The GAPWORX Balance

Balance METRICS with improved skills, competencies, and CAPABILITIES.
Success happens when the right things are done at the right time.
Put simply, it is not just WHAT YOU DO, it is also HOW YOU DO IT.

EXAMPLE: Consider a salesperson that consistently achieves a required METRIC of 60 prospect contacts per week. However, this salesperson has limited communication skills, has little company or product knowledge, and isn’t able to execute an effective sales call. The sales representative’s activity – does not make the numbers.

To thrive – your business must achieve performance METRICS, such as client growth, revenue, and profit. To accomplish your business goals, your employees must have specific knowledge, skills, and habits (CAPABILITIES.) Balance WHAT with HOW.

"If your culture is clear, positive and strong, then your people will buy into your ideas and cause and, most important, will believe what they do matters and that they can make a difference." – Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, All In