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How We Deliver Value

The GAPWORX Sales Alignment Model

Contrasted to generic sales processes, the GAPWORX Alignment Sales Model is the centerpiece for a useable, repeatable, and effective Sales Playbook.

Each highly-customized Sales Playbook contains a selling toolbox, to help sales executives effectively navigate each selling environment.

GAPWORX sales training uses scenario based role play with the sales team–before they “hit the streets.” Sales people should not practice their selling with real customers.

There are many choices for generic "off the shelf" sales training, but if the training is not tailored to the company and its sales environments—the retained learning from these courses can fade rapidly. Under the stress of real world selling, salespeople tend to revert to what they have done in the past. In fact, many just “wing it.“

Generic sales training shortcomings are:

  • Excessive complexity
  • One size fits all training processes are not tailored to the company’s sales team.

Sales cultures must be aligned to the company’s priorities and goals. Sales training must be applied specifically to the company’s potential customers.

GAPWORX’s Player Coach Model

Improve Individual and Team Sales Performance

Player Coach is a coaching model to help Sales Leaders strengthen individual, and overall team performance.

  • TEAM and INDIVIDUAL assessments
  • Understanding organization systems and processes
  • A sales culture matched to organizational goals, and supported with coaching and training.

The GAPWORX Sales Equation

GAPWORX Sales Equation helps you sell more effectively.

It’s a framework for the sales team to develop the attributes, motivations, capabilities, and specific knowledge necessary to successfully make new customers.

Combined with the Playbook’s expanded sales toolbox, the Sales Equation is a model for self-awareness – a necessary step for self-change. It also helps management evaluate and work with direct reports, identify selling GAPS, and work with each sales executive to resolve them.

A company-specific Sales Equation also helps when you hire new sales representatives. The GAPWORX Sales Equation provides a means to identify individual strengths … and where training is required to improve specific selling capabilities.