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We are pleased to provide short non-commercialized presentations to educate and provoke a greater understanding of pathways to future success.

Listed below are speaking topics available from GAPWORX for association events, chamber meetings, Lunch 'n Learns, and various monthly "club" events, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. Each topic is typically about 15 minutes (or up to 30 minutes) in length (plus time for Q&A). Again, all speeches are presented in a non-proprietary manner.

The presenter is Jon Halleen, President and Co-Founder of GAPWORX. Jon is educated in the behavioral sciences, with degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. He is a skilled people coach and facilitator, with exceptional training skills for group settings, and specialized skills in facilitated role playing for sales and customer specific scenarios.

We are open to creating customized presentations. Please contact us to explore your particular interests.

The Cultural Equation - How Business Culture Determines Financial Outcomes

  1. Understand the financial impact of the "soft stuff" of company culture and behavior.
  2. Strong employee cultures are aligned to company Mission, Vision and Purpose.
  3. Elevate employee engagement and communications to elevate business performance.

Company Performance - The Balancing Act of What You Do - and How You Do It

  1. Metrics are the important things you measure in your business - like revenue, profitability, sales activity, and the number of clients; the business things you must account for to be successful.
  2. The Aesthetics are the cultural mix of "soft skills" and capabilities of individual employees, and the organization as a whole. How does your organization effectively interact to create good "actions" and stimulate good results?
  3. Use training to reach your objectives.

The "Laws" of Workplace Behavior -
How Unwritten Laws of "Human Nature" Affect Your Business

  1. Your business is not immune to the human element, or to the actions of people.
  2. "You Can Lead an Employee to Water - But You Can't Make Them Drink." Leadership, Vision and Alignment matter if you want them to do what you would like them to do.
  3. Emotional and Social Intelligence in the Small Business - why should that matter to you?
  4. Manage and shape your business culture toward the future you desire.

Potential Customers Have REAL Choices (Other Than You)

  1. Product, Price, Place and Promotion (the traditional 4Ps) are important. Leverage more brand value with People (the fifth "P") - your employees and your company culture.
  2. How your customers feel emotionally about doing business with you - is just as important as their rational assessment of the quality of products and services they buy from you. (Customer Engagement/Customer Services Experiences).
  3. In the long run, a company's success or failure is determined by its customers. Sales and marketing people must Find and Get (sell) new customers. But, everyone in the company must strive to Keep and Thrill (serve) to assure customer retention.


  • Please note that guest participation in some events is at the discretion of others, NOT GAPWORX
  • If GAPWORX can sponsor guests - on a limited basis or otherwise - we will indicate that in the EVENT or WORKSHOP summary.

"It is impossible to make good decisions without infusing the entire process with an honest confrontation of the brutal facts … and to act on the implications."

- Jim Collins, Good to Great