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Making A Difference

Every business has a unique mix of employees, products, services and cultural attributes that reside within a larger business environment, promoting their brand value to prospects and existing clients. And, every business has specific Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

We believe that business growth is accelerated by working on weaknesses (gaps). Our name and mission - GAPWORX - is derived from this belief. By identifying gaps, you can resolve them. Listed below are some of the gaps that business owners frequently share with us.

If you could just snap your fingers and resolve the GAPS in your business - where would you start?

You can achieve a brighter future.

You want to be a better leader,
but are stretched too thin.

You want your employees to
communicate and work together.

  • Mission, Vision and/or Purpose aren't shared by all
  • Disengaged employees who:
    • Don't get things done right
    • Don't communicate effectively
    • Don't work well with each other
    • Don't take care of your customers
  • Sales executives or sales teams that don't sell
  • Clients that complain
  • Clients that switch to your competitors
  • Leaders that aren't leading
  • Managers that aren't managing

You may have other problems, yet you would like things to be different.

We "WORX" with you to identify and minimize your GAPS.

"To be sure, the fundamental task of management remains the same: to make people capable of joint performance through common goals, common values, the right structure, and the training and development they need to perform and to respond to change."

- Peter F. Drucker, The Essential Drucker