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Case Studies


Supported a 2-year transition of partner, senior leadership and marketing talent, provided a broad set of strategy, advisory, marketing and communication services to an engineering firm serving global markets in agribusiness, industrial and commercial sectors. Designed and developed various marketing materials, wrote critical communications, organized a major corporate event that rebranded the company, provided technical coaching to employees at operational levels and strategic support to over a dozen principals and senior associates.


Assisted two owners to analyze their existing business model and recommend brand design changes to generate new revenues in a shrinking market for architectural services. Analyzed their market and key competition, led a Gap/Capabilities review and visioning exercise to affirm desired market direction. Delivered a complete rebranding of website, collateral materials and a Marketing/Sales Plan targeting existing and new market segments.


The "hands-on" owner who was unaware of the untapped potential of the company’s employees. Transitioned the business from an almost completely owner directed and managed organization, to an employee led and managed business. Employees had previously untapped motivation. Their capabilities were raised to take on additional roles and responsibilities. They developed a new customer service communication process. The owner was quickly able to move from working “in the business to working on the business,” enjoying fewer personal working hours, low turnover and increased revenues until the company was sold. He refers to the organizational change and learning process as the best thing he ever did in his business.


In a long-term ownership of a business by two families across two generations, the organizational assessment indicated conflicting management styles, and generational differences between the two primary company leaders. Two owners were each managing half of the company differently. Employees were confused and unable to perform their jobs with accountability to meet company objectives for revenue and growth. The misalignment was so severe, that the older of the two owners sold out to the younger owner. Management roles, training and processes were revised to be accountable to one overall leadership and management process.


Led a group of 5 owners in a collaborative and iterative process to craft a long-term Strategic Plan, encompassing a detailed analysis of their current client mix and how best to market to each customer type. Led a customer focus group interview of a mix of industry leaders from existing clients. Led a visioning exercise and provided a report detailing a series of actionable strategies and marketing initiatives to enhance revenue growth.


In a Phase One project, we interviewed owners and key sales and operational executive, provided companywide SWOT and GAP analysis (metrics and behavioral) and a set of functionally segmented and prioritized recommendations to improve operation, establish an aggressive sales growth track, improved customer experiences and stronger customer relationships. In a Phase Two project about 6 months later, we conducted a series of customer experience (CX) qualitative interviews with selected customers, and generated a comprehensive report detailing positive and negative customer experiences, and recommendations to resolve each.


In a 50-year old family business, charged to identify and provide strategic and tactical recommendations to accelerate new customer growth in advance of an ownership and equity transfer to the next generation, we interviewed the owner and senior executives, surveyed operational employees to assess cultural and behavioral issues, and conducted a SWOT analysis. Our recommendations provided operational, marketing and sales priorities, and have led to successful engagements with two other management consulting firms for services outside our and areas of expertise.


Company was led by an inexperienced owner who relied too much on a hands-on controlling “lieutenant” to run the company. Company morale suffered from two different classifications of employees, insufficient training, and employee roles and responsibilities that were unclear and conflicting. Restructured management, sales, customer service, hiring practices, and job training. Implemented new performance measures for customer service. Provided additional resources for management, human resources and training.


This business was misaligned among its ownership and professional staff due to a company transition to an ESOP. Some employees were not taking on specific responsibilities that would successfully move the business to an employee owned and managed company. Addressed company culture, sales process, client mix, client management, time management, accountability, professional development and training. Restructured roles and responsibilities. Addressed employee engagement and sales training to meet company performance requirements.


Charged to create a customized sales process for a new, standalone sales force, to generate high margin sales to a targeted market segment, across more than 20 brand entities nationwide.

We interviewed the CEO, senior sales executives and other sales representatives to assess alignment, cultural, process and operational constraints, and behavioral norms. Through a collaborative and iterative process, we delivered a client product and service-specific Sales Playbook, identifying the attributes of the ideal sales candidate, interview guidelines and metrics, onboarding process and the day-by-day sales executive activities and behaviors required to optimize individual and companywide sales performance to established goals and objectives.