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Mark E. Spiers, Principal
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Jon Halleen, Principal
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Mark and Jon formed GAPWORX to help businesses create and retain – to sell and serve more customers. GAPWORX helps business owners transform how things actually are – to what they want them to be. They recognized that all companies have gaps or challenges in organizational capabilities — such as knowledge, roles and responsibilities, skills, leadership, and communication. Because businesses have limited resources of time and money, leaders struggle with these cultural and “soft side” gaps – that hinder CUSTOMER BUILDING.

People are emotionally and behaviorally complex, with conflicting goals and motivations, which are challenging to manage effectively. We help you navigate cultural challenges – intangible assets – to improve financial outcomes.

GAPWORX facilitates change processes, which are custom-tailored to each client’s business, time frame, and budget.

Mark is skilled in marketing, business process, problem-solving and implementation. Jon is skilled in behavioral change, facilitation, and training. Both have mid and senior-level experiences in field sales, sales management, and general management in small, mid-sized, and large organizations.

Mark’s Biography

Foundational Inspiration

Starting with teenage employment in a family-owned construction business, I remain drawn to design and construction environments – resolving problems and making things around me more functional and aesthetically appealing. I vividly recall my grandfather saying: "That’s almost as good as if I had done it!" or "You can do that better, can’t you?" Those words had a powerful and lasting impact on my entire life.

The desire to “create and improve” remains central to Mark’s life and career goals, albeit less focused on “tool belt” tasks. Now it is far more focused on business strategy, behavior, process, systems and implementing positive changes that drive performance, business growth and serve the client.

Present Day Overview

Mark’s proven business acumen is derived from multiple decades of diverse business experiences in construction, manufacturing and service industries – in for-profit and not-for profit environments, and in Fortune 1000 and smaller entrepreneurial business settings. He led teams focused in sales, marketing and operational activities; managed P&L in business units and subsidiary operations; and led board-level task forces and strategic growth in mid-management and senior leadership capacities. He also led record-setting revenue growth multiple times, and optimized high-levels of collaboration, communication and total company performance.

Mark is committed to helping client organizations overcome challenges and fast-track company-wide success.

Jon’s Biography

Foundational Inspiration

Humans are the most complex organisms in the known universe, and we possess a remarkable ability to adapt. An almost unlimited ability to learn, along with opposable thumbs enables us to engineer just about anything we want. Yet we still struggle with the basics of getting along with each other.

My education in the behavioral and social sciences taught me the skills of a therapist and a facilitator—to be used in situations where there are few scripts. Whether working with one person or a group, I learned to build relationships through dialogue. I took my communicating “toolbox” into the marketplace, working primarily in sales, management, and consulting.

Present Day Overview

When I work with a small company, I feel a little bit like an anthropologist going into a village. Each enterprise has a unique culture, and many things are working just fine. Other things need to change, not just to survive—but to flourish. Businesses can deliver great products and services, yet internally they limit their potential with deficiencies—such as leadership, communication, and training. These intangible shortcomings cause tangible losses of money.

I use organizational and workplace research that “big companies” practice, but I reframe it for smaller companies. With awareness and action, any company can improve their culture, become stronger financially, and build their value.