Create and Keep More Customers


Sales Revenue
Customer Retention and Advocacy
Financial Results

By Improving

Employee Selling and Serving Capabilities
Customer Expectations and Experiences
Leadership and Communication
Company Culture and Employee Engagement


Customer Building Playbooks

Accelerate Revenue Growth
by improving Customer-facing Processes
and Employee Capabilities.

So, what is GAPWORX?

Every business has challenges that impact financial outcomes. We WORK with our clients to resolve customer-facing GAPS. We help their employees create more customers through better selling, and retain more customers through better serving.


Who are your clients?

We work with small to mid-market companies—because smaller companies can make significant changes quickly. We help them improve business culture, strengthen employee capabilities, and solve problems to increase revenue, build value, and equity.


How can you help me?

We help companies become financially stronger by improving their customer-facing capabilities. This means selling and serving more effectively—to make and retain more customers.


How do you benefit me?

We help you to put your solutions on the "fast-track." We build PLAYBOOKS and provide REAL WORLD Training custom-tailored to your business—so you can continue to improve.

We invite you to explore our website to learn how GAPWORX provides "customer-facing process and behavior solutions" to business problems – to improve customer experiences and employee engagement, and help you identify, sell, and keep more customers.

Building Value
We help business owners transform how things actually are … into what they want them to be. This page summarizes our experiences and expertise, and how we build value for our customers.

We create highly-customized SELLING and SERVING Playbooks. This page shares how we make that happen.

This page overviews our Real World Training framework, designed to transfer skills, knowledge, and capabilities to your employees. Our training is customized and applied to maximize long-term retention and improve performance.

Project Flow
This page is a Project Flow development example of a SELLING or SERVING Playbook.

This page addresses "Soft Side" issues – intangible processes and skills – that impact your "Hard Side" results – the tangible outcomes that are accounted for on your books.

5-Step Timeline & Balance
Learn about our 5-Step Timeline and Balance models and how they build a performance roadmap.

Alignment, Player Coach & Sales Equation
This page overviews three key models to help build a successful sales team – using common sales language and processes to align your products and services … to your customers’ needs.